Success Stories

Saicon is a Valuable Vendor

08 Jul, 2013

Saicon can help companies adopt Service Oriented Architecture/Web Services. Benefits of SOA/Web services, including lower costs and increased revenue, business process automation, flexibility and standardization.

I have had the pleasure of working with Saicon Consultants over the past 2 years and they have proven to be a "Full Service" vendor in supplying qualified, dependable resources. They have been very successful in helping increase our contractor count for clients such as Monsanto and Kellogg. Both of these clients have very aggressive rate cards. After reviewing candidates submitted by several of our Preferred Vendors, Saicon clearly exceeded our expectations and was able to double our contractor headcount within a six month period at Monsanto. Saicon also competed with our other Preferred Vendors in  sourcing our needs at Kellogg. Saicon's resources were chosen over the competition in
both quality and rate.
Saicon Consultants is a valuable vendor for Capgemini and at the present time have deployed the most contractors for our current  assignments.  Saicon is one of the Top 2 vendors for Capgemini.
VaRita Newton
Capgemini LLC
External Resource Manager